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Fibromyalgia Awareness Day comes but once per year (May 12).  However, our endeavor to promote awareness must continue every day.

Things you can do:

  1. Give a lecture in your community
  2. Ask your local Medical School if their first year students are taught about fibromyalgia and how to recognize it.
  3. Hand fliers out to your co-workers explaining the basics of fibromyalgia so they'll get an idea of what you deal with on a daily basis
  4. Develop some type of communication system with your family and co-workers for when you're having a bad day so they will know, if you are edgy due to pain, that it's not their fault.  Perhaps you can create a chart with a scoring system.  For example:

I'm having a good day and I'd love to chat or go out (pink)

I don't feel my best but I won't bite off your head if you talk to me.  A gentle hug would help (gray)

I have moderate pain - proceed with caution (yellow)

I feel really rotten and I'm not responsible for how I react to the "urgent" thing that needs my attention right now.  Enter at your own risk! (red)



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