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Digestion, Circulation and Pain Relief

Do you have problems with food allergies and/or digestion?  Try 2 cayenne pepper capsules and 2 ginger root capsules with meals.  It will help you to digest your food better and to absorb nutrients better.  Also, capsaicin in the cayenne pepper inhibits Substance P so you may get some pain relief, too!  In addition, the cayenne increases circulation and will help to keep your hands an feet warm.

Energy Improvement

Coenzyme Q-10, 150 mg/day will provide more oxygen to all of your cells.   It will help your energy level.  You may also want to try DHEA.  If you are a woman, do not take more than 25 mg per day.  If you are a man, you can take up to 50 mg per day. Human Growth Hormone is now available as a sublingual spray. It can make a big difference in the way you feel.

Immune System Enhancement

The herbs, Astragalus (huang chi) and Siberian Ginseng, have been used for thousands of years to enhance immune function on a deep level.  Echinacea is good for short-term immune system boosting.  If you also have CFS, you should also take St. John's Wort because it has both anti-viral properties as well as antidepressant properties (MAO inhibitor).

Relief for Dry Eyes

There are tiny plugs that can be painlessly inserted into the drainage ducts in the corner of the eyes that will allow more of the eye's natural moisture to accumulate.  For information about the procedure, contact an Ophthalmologist.


We tend to store a lot of toxins in our muscles that get released during vigorous massage.  To neutralize these toxins quickly and safely, take 2 Hepatopure tablets and 2 Red Clover Cleanser (formerly River of Life) tablets 3 times a day for 2 days following your treatment.  Also, taking a bath in very warm water with 2-4 cups of Kosher salt or sea salt is helpful.  Do not use soap but go over your skin with a loofa or bath brush.  Soak for at least 15 minutes followed by a rinse in clear water.  Do this right before you go to bed.  It will also help you to sleep.  You can also use this treatment after detoxing from yeast (e.g after taking Diflucan).

Carbohydrate Control

Take 200 to 400 mcg chromium GTF every day.   Also, 5-HTP will increase serotonin and decrease carbohydrate cravings.  5-HTP has been shown to decrease depression and alleviate pain in many PWFMS. The Atkins Diet works well for PWFMS who are sensitive to carbohydrates.


from Cheryl Faye Schwartz

My dentist made me several acrylic appliances that I bit through at various rates.  I kept asking him if there was something soft that would absorb the shock and take the pressure off of my neck and jaw muscles.  He said no way because I would bite through them.  So I asked my PT about the mouth protectors that the sports players wear and he said that for $2, I could get something at the Sporting Goods store.  Well, I got one and it felt good for a couple of weeks until I bit a hole in it!  I went back to the Sporting Goods store and found a mouth protector for $25 called the Shock Doctor and it's fantastic!   I've had it for 5 months and I haven't bitten through it.  My neck and jaw muscles are no longer in spasm and my dentist just bought some of them to keep for patients!


from Cheryl Faye Schwartz

During long trips, it's a good idea to take a break and try to walk for several minutes. If space is limited, like on an airplane, try standing and going up on tiptoes several times. If possible, elevate your legs. Ask you doctor about compression stockings.  I learned about compression stockings from the 20 years I spent at the Sol Sherry Thrombosis Research Center. They will increase circulation and decrease swelling.  They can also be purchased through mail order health catalogs.   I tried them on my last flight and they really prevented the swelling that I always get while flying.

Walking and Standing

from Cheryl Faye Schwartz

Make a good pair of running shoes (not jogging, aerobic or walking shoes) your primary shoes. Running shoes have increased shock absorbers and will take the pressure off of your muscles and joints.  The best ones I found are Reebok Classics.   Then I put extra shock absorbing insoles (from the Sporting Goods store) in them and it's wonderful.


Most of us have both endogenous depression (because of the low serotonin and norepinephrine levels) as well as reactive depression from feeling lousy and being in constant pain.  Both St. John's Wort and 5-HTP can help to normalize the neurotransmitters and alleviate depression.

Computer Use

from Cheryl Faye Schwartz

Be certain than you monitor is at a height where your eyes comfortably focus on the center.  This will prevent the muscles in the neck from locking up.  A neat trick that my husband showed me was to place the mouse pad on my lap.  It totally takes the pressure off of my shoulders.  Try it!



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